Restore WhatsApp backup


I’ve been trying to restore my WhatsApp chats for over a week now, and still haven’t succeeded.

I followed this, and it almost worked- except that it said that the “backup couldn’t be restored”.

The backup was detected though, so I guess that did work?

Anyway, when I activate WhatsApp on my old phone, it works like it should, but when I try to move it, it doesn’t work and says the backup couldn’t be restored for an unknown reason.

My old phone is a Samsung A8 2018 with Android 8, while my new phone is a Fairphone 4 with /e/ OS (Android 11). So perhaps the Android version difference is a reason?

Anyway, is there a way to restore the backup? Perhaps through Google Drive?

The result of this search suggests it can be done ! Search results for 'Whatsapp' - /e/ community

Thanks, but my error is currently that WhatsApp says that my backup is 0kb and dates from 01/01/1970… I haven’t found a fix for this (yet)

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