Resurrection Remix OS as an extra source for /e/ building

As we know, one of the major restricting factors for the /e/ development is its hard tying to LineageOS. Unfortunately, LineageOS project supports a very limited number of devices, and it seems that this number is growing slower year by year. Let’s use this great resource to see how many of the devices released in recent years have received LOS support:

2016 — 21
2017 — 14
2018 — 10
2019 — still zero

A worrying picture, isn’t it? However, this does not stop the forked projects (including /e/) and independent developers from porting LineageOS code to new devices by their own. Thus, /e/ community maintains Essential PH-1 and Google Pixel 2 XL which are not in the list of LineageOS.

But there is also another big LineageOS fork that many of us know well — Resurrection Remix OS. And if we look at its support list, we’re gonna find some exclusives there, including OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi A2 from GSMArena’s “TOP 10 BY FANS” chart. (Which are often requested here as well.)

That’s why I wonder: is it possible to use Resurrection Remix OS as an additional source for official /e/ builds?


Nice, but the download folder for my Xiaomi Max2 oxygen doesn’t have any zip :frowning: only changelog and checksum :thinking:

This is weird! But if you go to the archive, there you can still find some earlier releases for oxygen. Try to report on this to the Resurrection Remix developers.

I was hoping for your appearance here, Manoj. Indeed, there’s been a lot of talk on planned liberation from LineageOS, but this is a long-term goal, whereas now it is necessary to deal with more urgent tasks. For this reason, I would like to ask you: if it is possible to use the source of Lineage-based Resurrection Remix to extend the list of devices supported by /e/ right now. (Xiaomi Mi A2 for example, which has a good official support from RR.)

The device lists of LineageOS and Resurrection Remix OS are not the same, and that’s the point! But unlike LOS, the RR developers do not offer the same convenient table with product names - only with code names, so the site “jam packed with javascript/trackers” is the best alternative I could find. Sorry about that.

Is RR privacy friendly, like /e/?
I really know nothing about the project but it looks really great!

/e/ and RR — both are forks of LOS, from which they inherit the Privacy Guard tool and purity from bloatware and Goo9Ie services. But if /e/ goes further in the privacy direction, RR more focuses on appearance and user experience. So, it is not bad for privacy, but you will have to manually perform some improvements that /e/ contains by default.


We will look into this in fact checking if some of the RR development team members can collaborate with /e/.

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@e.follower Thank you! this is a good explination.
Sounds awesome.
Now I want to try it too!