Reverse Proxy setup

Would it be possible to bypass the Let’s Encrypt certificates creation part for the self hosting script, and leave the installation without SSL certificates so we could use the self hosted version behind a reverse proxy which would handle the certificates (nginx proxy manager for instance).

Thank you in advance.!

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yes, it is possible - that’s my config - but the setup is no that trivial which is likely the reason no one replied so far. E.g. sync’ing my Joplin notes works very well in this setup but some other things do not - so we need to ask which settings in nextcloud and the proxy itself are required to get full feature set - btw I use apache 2.4 for for TLS termination and reverse proxy

Hi. Thank you for the answer.
Actually I was playing a little bit with this setup and also managed to get things working, but it is not 100% Ok.
Actually I was wondering if setting it up with a self signed certificate (kind of like Jitsi is managing it) would help, but the script itself is getting the certificates and aborting the installation of the step doesn’t work, which complicates things a little more also.

I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort, as adding another web app to the integrated Nginx reverse proxy is not that hard (please see |HowTo] Add a webapp as a sideload of /e/ self-hosted cloud for a Docker app and [HOWTO] Activate MTA-STS for self-hosted /e/ cloud for a simple web -non docker- app) …

hello smu44.
I understand the point. The only problem is when trying to integrate the inside an infrastructure that is already running.
In my personal case, I only have one public IP address, but I do have some amount of services already running.

Well … Indeed that’s not simple to mix /e/ Cloud with existing apps :frowning:

If your apps have a Docker image available, you may consider migrating them (that’s what I did).
You can easily migrate datas with some volume mappings, and use the integrated Nginx as front-end.
Some work needed, but much easier to maintain.