Reverting back to regular Android, OEM unlock on /e/, Galaxy S7 SM-G935F

Hello Community,

I’ve been a not-so-happy user of /e/ OS for about a year now. I’ve been experiencing multitude of trouble including non-working camera, freezing Trebuchet app (screen keyboard), inaccurate or plain-wrong gps location. At this point I’m not into researching and fixing these and other problems that come up occasionaly while using /e/ and because of that I decided to switch back to regular googlified Android distribution. Right now phone has became an important tool for my work and life and I want to use it instead of fiddling around with it and tweaking its settings. I can give up some privacy in exchange for the comfort and ease of use, no shame. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to follow the prescription described here. Unfortunately I cannot find OEM unlock in developer options. I can see there are steps to enable it via command line, but I do not quite understand what kind of terminal it refers to. I’m rather proficient with computers and command lines, but I’d need a helping hand with understanding what kind of console should I use. I’d like to keep the process simple if possible. As I said, my intention is to use the smartphone with ease and comfort, so going very deep with low-level configuration is a thing I’d rather avoid.


The instructions mention a two stage process to Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock. Your device is no longer locked, so you only have to accomplish the first (Android debugging)


The device should now be ready to interact with Odin on a Windows PC.

Thank you for clarification. I’ll take the liberty to keep the thread open as I attempt to revert to original ROM in case I encounter some problems.