Reverting redmi note 8t to stock rom

I have a redmi note 8t with the latest version of /e/os (1.6-20221204240086) on it, which is based on android 10. I already have another device with EOS on it so I’m giving this one away to an acquaintance who needs it more, and in order to make it easier for them I want to put the stock xiaomi rom back on it.

My question is about the /e/os recovery, because it seems different from twm or magisk and I am not sure if this one has to be replaced before i can put the stock rom on there. I was going to use xiaomi adb fastboot tools or xiaomitool to just flash the stock rom, but now I need some advice to make sure I wont brick the device.

Edit: used Xiaomitool v2, autumatically flashes the new recovery for the stock rom. The device is good and ready! Topic can be closed but its useful to keep for future troubleshooting

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