Reviving Sony xperia z5 (sumire)

Dear /e/
I am using this phone with /e/ 0.19 (last available update had been 23 Okt 2021 with security patches being even 4 months older).
Do you see any chance to revive your support for this phone?
Maybe it is possible to integrate at least security patches for its kernel - I assume those are practically the same for all devices running nougat and could be done by a developer who is not familiar with a certain device?
Of course entire system updates or even an upgrade to a more modern version would be great.

Thanks a lot for your concern

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Hi again,
on XDA Developers someone is working on a lineageOS version for the Z5
This person has also built/adapted older versions of lineageOS for the Z5.
Just a thought.
Best wishes, Mario

And the kernel, device and vendor repos are all accessible, so building an /e/OS ROM should be straightforward if anyone has the inclination :slight_smile: