Revolut apps needs urgent update

The applications needs urgent update the old version presnetin the app stor will expire in 4 days (13th november)
The actual version is 6.16 available in google store…

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Make a manual download via f-droid or Aurora or Raccoon (via PC) or apkpure or wherever it is available

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Thanks harvey186,
I found it on apkpure.
But with this apkpure most of my apps were not up to date, why does the /e/ apps store is so aged ???

Some apps in the Apps Store aren’t updated for weeks or even mounths. It is a known issue.

You have installed apkpure on your e device !!! No good idea,it has trackers as hell!!! You should remove it and if you need an app, use via webrowser

And regarding he old apps in apps store ?!?!? normally the apps should be updated in a shorter time, but the process seems not working well

Hello Anonyme no update for months it’s a big issue in my case it would no longer have been possible to manage my accounts. Not acceptable.
I hope this issue will be fix early

pls keep in mind, e-OS is still in beta phase. That means not all work as it should. And the beta phase is for finding issues and resolve them before final version is out on market

Yes sure it’s a beta but the update check was working earlier so the non regression check in developpement process is faulty

Hi @ecoenergie38 have passed on this feedback to the dev team.

In fact it is unfortunately impossible to use it see why :

Is there a reason why there is no update until August on this app specifically ?

@rhunault F.Y.I an urgent update needed on Revolut app.

Could you please raise an issue for that? Thank you in advance


Hi @belette pl can you raise an issue here giving details on the build and version number required.

@Manoj @rhunault , done : :slight_smile:

What about N26 not in the app store ?

I haven’t be able to use Revolution properly for several months now. Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled it hoping this would help. Now I cannot even get it to start. When is the update going to be available? This is a major app which is the only way of controlling the bank account. Unlike other banking apps, revolution cannot be accessed through a web browser.
If it isn’t going to be updated I will need to go back to Android, which I don’t want to do.

Just today I have started to get notified that the transfer wise app is not up to date. Can this also be updated asap?

I am also experiencing that. Does anyone have an update on that?

Nope, there is no progress on updating either Revolut or Transferwise.

Revolut on android is now on 6.3.1 (or something like that) - the one on E which is completely unuseable for at least the last 4 months is still on 5.29 and was last updated in August 2019.

There are a whole load of apps which are not important at all, yet ones which are necessary are not updated regularly. I have been relying on an android phone with apps that are necessary for daily life. We can only hope that the situation gets sorted soon and that someone works out which apps are worthwhile keeping up to date.

The App Installer is undergoing a lot of updates and there are no ETA’s available on task completion. A lot of apps are still old and not getting updated. I have asked the developer to see if they can at the least update these banking apps - much needed in these tough times.
As a workaround you can download FDroid or Aurora Store and get these apps from them.