Ring Camera Hacked

Ring camera hacked and a family frightened in US.
Ring is owned by Amazon!
Do you use this kind of device?


There are those that would say that this is a reason for having similar devices with FLOSS instead of being run as black boxes by Amazon. While I don’t necessarily disagree with that, I more take issue with the fact the the woman feels she needs something like this in her children’s room to begin with. Children don’t need and shouldn’t have 24 hour monitoring like this. It’s not good for them.


Total non sequitur, but I’ve always thought the name of thAT “security” camera to be a funny one because of, well, you know… this

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This surveillance kind of thing is scary to me.
I never had and never will monitor my children or wife or brothers or mother or whoever.
I believe the problem here is that these new tecnology is desired to help but implemented in a way that don’t mind for the users benefit but only profit.
Why in the hell a device like that would run without forcing the user to change default credentials and use 2FA? At least, a warning should be raised at some point.

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I’m honestly surprised that there are people who are surprised about this news.

What exactly did you think was going to happen if you put a camera connected to the internet 24/7 in your house? There are a lot of insane reasons why someone would want to hack into one (or all) of these, and many others why the makers may want to sell the backdoors they installed in their product.

And even if we assume the best scenario where everybody is gentle and kind to each other, what this company wants is to gather and sell your data. Security is not a priority and developers to implement it cost money.

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