Ringtone for notifications, etc. FP4 - /e/OS 1.9

Hi, I’m searching how-to use personal sounds with incoming Message, Mail, etc. and with calendar alert ?
I’m a little deaf and it’s important to me.

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I can do this on a Samsung (but I think it is more or less standard across /e/OS) from

Settings > Sound > Advanced > Default notification sound.

This can be one of a number of installed sounds, or you can import from a folder, I just tested from the folder Ringtones, where I have stored some .wav files.

To import … scroll to the bottom of the list of “existing” sounds … + Add notification … navigate to directory with your sounds … Select your sound_file … scroll back up the list of installed sounds to find your sound_file (now filed alphabetically) … Select it … Press OK

However within the apps Message, Mail, Calendar > General settings, I see no opportunity to use other than “Default notification sound” for each app. Some apps, for instance Battery Bot, do allow a notification other than default.

Hi, I don’t see Settings > Sound > Advanced > Default notification sound here.
Then I imported some .mp3 files from my previous phone end selected at least one that’s nor working.

I’m me you know. I don’t need to read some things right away, but some things well. So I appreciate knowing the difference.
For example, I answer my emails on my 24" screen, not on my phone. However, I answer my SMS immediately.
Then I organize my apps on different screens, so distinctive sounds direct me to the right one.
When I try to define a sound, it is the file manager that opens and so I suspect that I am not really selecting a sound but a sound file. Maybe I should fire this third party file manager (Simple File Manager Pro) and go back to the default one? I’ll try that.

Edit : it seems I was right. I believe .mp3 files aren’t recognized as permitted sounds.

Well now my .mp3 files from my old phone are not readable on my PC either. :thinking: