RIP freenode IRC

Recently I noticed a new IRC source called Libera.Chat. Didn’t think much other than it’s new. Then on Twitter I saw a post from AsteroidOS (a smartwatch OS) that they had moved from freenode to matrix due to changes at freenode.

Took a look and found that things fell apart when freenode was sold to another party. No matter how old or how long something has been around, All Good Things Come To An End.
Old schoolers who still use IRC no doubt feel the pain. Libera.Chat was formed because of this.

Here’s a letter from the well-known Fuchs regarding what happened.

It’s very sad :frowning: . Thanks for the information though !

It made a rather big uproar in the Linux communities, as most of them uses Freenode IRC. Some commentary on it:

So LiberaChat and Matrix for the future.


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