Roadmap for new supported phone models

Is there a roadmap for new hardware that will be supported in the next year? I noticed there have been almost no new phone models added to the support list in the last two years.

I know the developers have been working hard on making the current OS stable and fully functional (kudos on them - it’s a great product :slight_smile: ), so not complaining. But I am also seeing most of the supported models are getting older and older so very difficult to find a new phone from the supported list (or at least one in good nick), if/when I need to replace my current phone.

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I count 15 smartphones in the list (omitting tablets) released 2022 or 2023. Software support timeframes by the vendors are getting longer, too (looking at Google and Fairphone for examples), so buying 1 or 2 years after release is getting less of a concern in such case.

What exactly would you be looking for hardware-wise in new phones which isn’t covered by the newer phones already in the list?

Is there anything of interest in

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I’ve been watching and waiting for new Samsung S series models to be supported (that’s what I usually use, as they usually have all the features I need and like), but the S10 (released in 2019) is still the latest supported (and has been for a few years now…).
This is quite surprising to me, as I thought Samsungs are among the most popular phone models out-there.

XDA would be place to watch for development and liberation of newer devices. In a very quick search I would say it is early days.

It would be great if the movement to /e/OS encouraged more individuals to liberate newer and more expensive phones (!) but realistically an /e/ Roadmap would have to start at a device with a proven LineageOS build, while (off roadmap) /e/OS Unofficial builders might lead the way and start at devices with at least an Unofficial LineageOS build. No reason at all for /e/OS users (and I expect there are some) not to be involved in the earlier development stages.

Google Bluejay (2022) showed early release in /e/OS in 2023.

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But Samsung don’t make life easy for developers of custom ROMs, and their VoLTE firmware is closed, so VoLTE won’t work, making their phones uselss in much of the USA where 3g netwroks are being switched off. Better to go for a manufacturer that does support custom ROM developers (e.g. Sony, Fairphone), and that will work in 4g-only networks


That’s a bummer, as outside Samsung, there are very few manufacturers that make fully waterproof phones with dual sim and decent cameras…

Sony do that. e.g


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