"Rom settings" restore from ecloud

in ecloud is automatically created a “Devices” folder, in which one or more subfolders are generated for each smartphone logged with an /e/ account. In this subfolder (named with the name of the smartphone model) are saved some settings files that I’m not able to restore when I do a new /e/ installation; this forces me to manually set again my favourite settings, instead of automatically restore them from ecloud.
Am I doing something wrong or it is a not yet working feature?
Thank you

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Am asking the same.
For now to restore and backups your favorite settings and apps, on a SDcard (or OTG or PC) you can use TWRP

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You can maybe add some info to this issue in GitLab or create a new ticket

Hi everyone,

Correct, the files are being synchronized but the settings are not restored yet since there is no logic for it.

This feature is currently worked upon and full support for most system settings and all eOS apps should be ready after the Summer. Please do not open new tickets for it.

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This is GREAT news for a very comfortable feature!

Any update on this feature ?

Now that 1.0 is out it looks like I may need reflashing for upgrading to more recent Android version, and finally be able to upgrade from 0.23 to 1.0.

If there was some restoration of settings possible from nextcloud/ecloud, that’d help.