Root Error with most of Banking/Finance/Authenticator applications

Many of our friend using /e/ on different devices has found what is my experience.

I tried to install many Banking / Finance / Authenticator / Wallet application on my /e/ official but all these applications say “The device is rooted” (Though my device is not rooted).
I think there is something at the base of framework of /e/ due to which this error comes.
I think if that is cured then all will be able to install these Banking / Finance and other security seeking application on that devices.
I think this is what needs priority. It is very much essential.

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don’t expect that for tomorow, because it will be very difficult AND complicate to obtain.

as a paradoxal but efficient workaround, you can install “magisk”, and configure its “magiskHide” feature for the bank app you want to use


Yes you are right.
I dont expect that in near future.

And yes use of Magisk and Hiding technique works but is it Safe to use?


Is it safe to use bankings apps running gg api, using aws and sometines using huawey core too?

As long as possible, I’ll use e.browser with Tracker Control… :wink:

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