Root Guide for GS290?

Hi, there is a guide for rooting our Gs290 ? I read an old post but i don’t understand if is possible or not.

December 25,
Succesfully rooted GS290 with Magisk v23
After having read trough the topic carefully I understand some have a boot-loop-problem caused by rooting the device.
As also mentioned in github Magisk/issues/3727
Therefor never use a Magisk version lower then v23
Also I warn you never to download Magisk from an untrusted source, but go directly to the developers site at github topjohnwu Magisk releases

  1. Install Magisk-v23.0.apk on your phone.
  2. copy the /e/ boot.img for your GS290 to the phone.
  3. Path the boot.img using the Magisk app on your phone.
  4. It will be saved in a location ~Download/magisk_patched-23000_2C8mB.img
  5. Copy the patched boot-image to your computer.
  6. Use

adb reboot bootloader
to restart your phone.

  1. use

fastboot flash boot magisk_patched-23000_2C8mB.img

  1. reboot to system, you’re done

Thank you so much. It works perfectly. Last question: after an /e/ update, i need to follow the guide again ?

Yes … is shortest for a post … so yes

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Thank you so much everyone.