Rooted device - Step by step?

Dear, all,

I have been deeply looking to the various ways presented on the topics regarding how to hide root. But I could not succeed in finding what is the latest, up to date, solution to do so.

I read about Magisk but then saw it was not maintained anymore
I read about shimako to solve this, but read to warning message on that
I read about various specific and empirical solutions, but could not find a way that suits me with confidence.

Here is my problem, I do have an electric car /hyunday, that requires an app (Bluelink) for some specific management. But it detects my phone as rooted and I can not proceed further.

I have currently the 1.8 version of /e/ (Dev-FP3) with Android 12.

I must also say that I am really not good at playing with this flash stuff and I had several time to reboot my phone to factory settings because not able to understand how to proceed properly…

any step by step help would be really appreciated.

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Could you elaborate on that. Links or.somethimg.
Doesn’t really matter as it works regardless.
Magisk Delta, btw, is still in development (its Telegram groups are a mess though).

If you are not rooted but Bluelink says you are then it detects that your device is unlocked. All depends on the root detection libraries used, !RootBeer for instance).

In some.cases or.ROMs without Magisk, just havimg SafetyNet turned on in microG will suffice. But it all depends on the root detection used by a particular app. I do not know anything about hiding the detection of unlocked.devices.
Might be something in the forums. Others may know.

I look at this issue as with “Bluelink”.

Bluelink is asserting your device is rooted when it is not. You could enquire of the Bluelink devs why the app does not work. Does Bluelink really require connection of a fully Googled Android device?

Hyindai might not agree that you must have Google to use these features of their product.

Thank you for your answers.

I must say, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of installing new “things” to trick this app. Moreover, I am even not sure to understand what is the issue since it clearly overcome my knowledges.

i will ask Hyundai about why they want to get such information for their app. I am quie sure they don’t care and will not change, but let’s try so.

In case I receive an anwer, i will share it here.