Rooted e os: update e os requires to root device again

I wasn’t able to understand what I was supposed to do to update e os properly when rooted. After updating, I had to reconfigure everything that was related to the rooted device. I would like to update without breaking configurations.

You should extract the boot.img (or the recovery.img depend on the device) from the update .ZIP file,
patch it using the Magisk app, put the modified one into the previously extracted folder to replace the original one.
then rezip the folder before flashing it, et voila…

You can do this very, very easy. Just have the update downloaded, and let it install (guessing you have an A/B device). Now, when everything is set/installed, the phone wants to re-boot. DON’T!

Now open your Magisk manager. Choose “Install” (Magisk, not the app, so the upper choice of the 2). Now choose the 3th option “Install in inactive slot (after OTA)”.

THAT’S IT. Let Magisk reboot (by pressing the upper right arrow), your device will now reboot. After that, you’re still rooted without difficult technical steps.