Rooting a OnePlus Nord avicii with /e/OS 1.7 R

Hi guys,
I tried to root my OnePlus Nord installing with TWRP but gives me error.
Someone know how to do?
Do I have to root firstly with stock ROM and then install /e/OS?

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Hello, have you followed official install instructions ?
Depend from your device architecture :

[Howto] install magisk and hide that OS have been modified

Hi piero, no I followed a guide on thecustomdroid.
I did read the instructions you attached, but I don’t understand if I have to root before installing /e/?
Because the /e/ image is .zip and not .img I can’t patch it with the magisk app (and if I unzip it there is not .img images), so I tried to install with TWRP but don’t work.

No, you have to first install /e/, then install the application magisk .APK from there :

When installed, Follow the instructions relative to your device :

boot.img to be patched by magisk app is extracted from the /e/.ZIP (my case using old samsung)
Sorry, but I don’t know OnePlus devices nor A/B devices…
In your case, i don’t know, if the recovery.img to patch using magisk app sould be TWRP, or “recovery-e” .
BUT according to the documentation, you need to use fastboot to flash the patched.IMG to the device, not TWRP
(patched file is generally foundable in your /download folder)

I wanted to root to use Neo Backup to backup app data but I hadn’t thought about security. Rooting exposes all phone and app files to any virus or malware, right? So now I’m not so sure I want to do it anymore…

Whats the current Android version for one plus Nord ?
bcoz I’m in A11

Me too A11
1.7R stable