S view & cover support


Do you plan adding support for S view and various Samsung cover ?


This is a missing feature (obviously not the main) but this is annoying when I close my cover and the screen keep turned on and vice versa when I open it, my screen keep turned off.

Thank you for the job made.

@gargamel please can you raise it as an issue on Gitlab https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues also please let us know if you have faced the issue on LineageOS ROM’s as well. Wanted to confirm if this issue is specific to /e/

Hey. I’ve got two identical SM-G950 phones. One with stock ROM, one with /e/. Would it be possible to port this functionality to the one with /e/ by transfering some files? I was trying to figure out which app could be the one that does the trick on stock, but couldn’t.

P.S.: If you hate bumping old threads, I can create a new topic, to increase the fragmentation :).