S3 neo doesn't boot after apps update

I was notified that some of my apps can be updated I clicked “Update all” in ‘Apps’ application and phone got rebooted to recovery. When I try to boot back to my system it always ends up in recovery. Any help pls?

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Is there an option in the recovery to boot into the bootloader or something like that? I know a similar problem from my old Samsung device with LineageOS, but it could always be booted back into the system using the bootloader.

From what you describe something corrupted the system so that it cannot boot, so just boots to Recovery.

This may seem too extreme but I would expect you could attempt to Factory reset from Recovery. (You could probably use well timed button presses to get you to Download mode, but I cannot think that will help you.)

Unfortunately, FR didn’t help. Thanks the tip

I cannot find anything like booting into bootloader, I can boot into recovery, or system (which boots into recovery at the end).

Then, unfortunately, you probably have no other option than to reflash /e/OS. You should be able, if you are in recovery and connect your computer to the smartphone, to backup your data to the computer before reinstalling.

One more question: did you previously disable bootloader unlocking in the developer settings? It is better not to do that with a custom ROM. It could be the reason for your problem, but as far as I know it can’t be changed now.