S6 build e14 still broken

Samsung S6 official e still broken
A while ago , I reported that Builds after May2020 are all broken ,
I tested the Jan2021 builds , same problem.

I request removal of all these build , cause I Promote e Foundation and cannot have people
complaining about the same problem for months.
If you are looking for testers , always feel free to ask me , but don’t leave Broken ROms on the official download site …Delete Them.

Instead I suggest to add the Android Q version by brother Clarence , his builds are Good smooth and amazing , this guy deserves a bottle of champaign :slight_smile:

So better put the unofficial Q builds for now to make up with the S6 zeroltexx and zerofltexx
on the main website , please remove the bad builds or get a S6 and test them personally and find out how it works.

Best regards and wisdom


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Yeah @channel48, you speak from the heart. I’ll add a spoonful of caviar to the champagne.

@itsclarence calls himself ‘only’ a ROM-Builder but not a ROM-Developer. That means in the line, he accesses existing sources and assembles them properly to working /e/OS ROMs, although most devices are physically not available to him.

@itsclarence has long proven that his way of building /e/ OS ‘Q’ ROMS works. Months before current ‘official’ /e/ OS ‘Q’ releases for Xiaomi Mi A2 - jasmine_sprout or Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro or soon Xiaomi Redmi 8 / 8T and others


Thank you for the nice words @channel48 and @SuzieQ. You hit the nail on the head describing my position within the / e / foundation @SuzieQ

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The s6 has been removed from the official supported list. Pl can you let me know where are you able to access the official builds.

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This was yesterday , and why completely remove total S6 support ? The builds up to May were fine, now we lost a phone , Please e/ don’t give up on the S6 - now I feel bad

Always welcome , by the Way Clarence thanks for your work on the S6 , I will promote that Rom personally , keep them coming , by the way , did you check the sources for the j320FN/M/F ?

If the builds are not stable then no point in keeping it on the server. The device support will be restored once we are able to build stable ROM’s for them.

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Your Video is Online buddy -

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@channel48 This is excellent. Well done, sir! :clap:

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Your YouTube channel48 is good for the “mountain”. But for sensitive /e/ users in this forum a privacy-oriented YouTube alternative would be desirable.

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A few to consider:


Hi Suzy , that is such a nice saying …I use NewPipe as Youtube alternative
, by the way , the NEw MARCH build for the S6 is really nice by Clarence…did you test it?