S7 Edge Dead pixels + other issues

Hi everyone !

I’ve been using /e/ phone since the release of preinstalled smartphone, I bought a Samsung S7 Edge.
It’s been working fairly well for the usage I have, but it’s been a day since what seems to be dead pixels appeared.
I’m not sure if the issue is from the hardware or from the software (as some users seems to have encountered on standard Android S7 Edge). Do you have any ideas on what I can try to determine it ? I think that the phone is still under the 1-year guarantee from /e/ so if needed I may be able to send it back, but I’d like to avoid it if possible.

Regarding other issues I’ve seen so far, they are only 2 points I’d like to point out:

  • MMS are bugged, I can’t neither send one nor receive one and when I send / receive one the phone turns off my internet connexion;
  • There’s an issue with the camera, which is crashing everytime I try to take a picture with flash on.

Thanks for your help !

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Hi @Marc,
On the camera crashing - pl can you check if the Use Camera2API is enabled. You should find it under the setting icon on the camera screen.

Have you ever tried these FOSS apps from the F-Droid Store: SMS Messenger or Silence

@Manoj Well, sorry for the wrong report: it seems to be fixed since I updated the OS to its last release available for the smartphone :slight_smile:

@archje No I haven’t tried, I stayed on the standard app of the OS which manage SMS/MMS. I may try your options later if the bug remains uncorrected on the standard app.

Nothing regarding the dead pixels? That’s currently my main concern as even though I’m still under guarantee it won’t last for long since I’m a day-one user or so for pre-installed phones.

Thank you!

In order to assert claims, it is first necessary to clarify whether and when dead pixels are covered and what is applicable: manufacturer’s warranty for the Galaxy S7 Edge
legal warranty, which is additionally granted by the seller.

Samsung’s Warranty Information are

Mobile Phone & Tablets

The Dead pixel warranty applies when your mobile phone display contains certain dead pixels as per below table within the standard warranty period on your mobile phone display which SAMSUNG will replace/replenish your defective mobile phone display.

Mobile Phones (includes Tablets, e.g. Model Code with GT* or SM-*)

A. General LCD - 1 or over 1
B. Super- AMOLED - 3 or over 3
C. WVGA resolution LCD - 4 or over 4
D. General LCD - 1 or over 1

As I bought the phone directly from /e/ foundation and it is a refurbished phone, I don’t think that the manufacturer’s warranty will apply don’t you agree?
The warranty that may still apply as it’ve been less than a year since I bought it is the legal warranty from /e/ foundation.

Clarify this best with the s/e/ller, then you know in advance you are. As first contact person I would contact @alexis Alexis N /e/ support.

@Marc we handle the warranty as we are the seller. The manufacturer’s warranty cannot apply as it is a refurbished product.
Please send us more details including your order number at ephone_support@e.email and we will have a look.

@archje Thank’s for all the advice!
@alexis I’m doing it right away.