S8 Echo in phone call without speaker


I’ve had my /e/ S8 for about one week and all the people I’ve spoken to over the phone complain they hear themselves. I don’t use the speaker, the call volume is at the lowest and it also happens with Signal when the call volume is a bit loud (strangely I can lower the call volume farther in Signal than in the phonecall app).
When I put a finger on each microphone it stops and people can still hear me but it’s a bit uncomfortable :wink:

I tried to run a diagnosis with Fairphone checkup: when I run the test for the noise microphone I have a big larsen effect and on the call microphone I hear myself strangely.

Any idea what I can do or what’s wrong?

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I do not know if this helps you, but on my SM-G950-F what you describe do not happens.


is it a refurbished pre-installed /e/ phone you bought from us ?

@nottolino: so it seems it’s not a general bug which I suspected as there was no topic about this.

@Anonyme: Yes it is!

Hello @Anonyme, have you seen my answer?

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As the problem is specific to my phone, this topic can be closed (I did’nt find how to do it myself).

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