S9+ and Always on Display

I brought an S9+ from the store with /e/ and it’s been great so far.

One problem I’m having though, is being able to turn off the “Always on Display”, that being the clock, notifications and battery life that you see when the screen would otherwise be black.

I’ve tried to google the solution, but the options that are given don’t seem to exist in /e/'s version of android, there is no always on display checkbox or quick tile that I can use. The closest I can come to disabling it is in “Settings > Display > Lock screen display” where I can add or disable certain things, but I cannot turn off everything nor can I completely disable it.

Does anyone have any idea how it can be done? Ideally without installing any other apps.


Well this is embarrassing, but I solved my own problem only moments after posting this question.

I’ll leave the solution here for anyone else searching for the answer, as I was.

There is an “App” on the /e/ app store called “Always On Display Toggle”, you can also find the GitHub of it here. It requires you to turn on the dev options and then enable USB debugging (Android debugging), and send a command using ADB, you can copy and paste this command from the GitHub. Once I did that and toggled it on and off once it worked like a dream.

Thanks to the dev.


Hi, thank you for posting your solution. I have the same issue. I already installed “Always On Display Toggle”, as you recommended. USB debugging is active. But how do I send a command using ADB? Could you please describe this in detail? Thank you in advance.

Hmmm, strange enough, “Always On Display” seems to have deactivated itself without any further action on my part. All the better.