S9+ Bootloader Unlocked yet TWRP still won't install

I have a brand new S9 SM-G960F and S9+ SM-G965F. I was able to successfully install /e/ on the S9 SM-G960F but the S9+ SM-G965F is giving me a lot of trouble.

OEM unlocking is enabled (Bootloader already unlocked). USB Debugging is enabled. Yet when I attempt to install TWRP it always gives me the error “Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed(RECOVERY)”. On the phone Odin mode shows the following status:

RMM STATE : Prenormal
KG STATE : Checking
Secure Download : Enabled

Any help would be much appreciated. I am using Heimdall v1.4.2 on a Mac to install TWRP. Would using a PC to try Odin or the Easy Installer be likely to work given the above facts? I’ve tried the various tricks (waiting 7 days etc.) with no joy. Please help.

Hi @Russ,

I would try Odin under Windows. It is not recommended to use the /e/asy installer as it currently installs /e/ Oreo 8.12 and not /e/OS Q. This is especially important if your S9+ has Android 10 already installed!

This thread has a wealth of info in case you haven’t seen it. Let us know how it goes and good luck!

I could not get it to work. I ended up returning the phone and taking a loss.