S9+ keeps rebooting

So for the third time now the phone gets stuck in a boot cycle

I did not touch the phone first two times Screen was locked. This time I put it in my pocket then removed to text and it was already in the cycle

Two of the time I removed the sim to use old phone. Cycle stops and phone stabilized

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Is it starting up, asking for the pin and shuting down after about a minute?

If yes, I had a similar problem this week which was likely caused by an app. I booted into safe mode (on my S7 it’s holding Vol- during boot) and the problem vanished after I uninstalled some apps (VLC, Firefox Lockwise and Shield Experience). Didn’t invest the time yet to check which app caused it. It even happened in safe mode.

Interesting, yes once the cycle starts it gets to pin request. I can not get past that before it reboots. Will delete apps and see. FWIW I do not have those apps installed that you mentioned.

Try holding the Vol- Key while booting. This should start the phone in safe mode. Maybe this helps.

Thank you sir, will try.

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