S9 plus problems

I have serious problems with 3 S9plus wich seems no coincedence…

The first S9plus crashes 5 out of 10 times when a phone call is incoming. I didn’t even notice and had no clue there was an incoming call. So I missed a lot of customers without even knowing it.

The second one gives an extremely big echo when calling. After a few minutes it’s getting less annoying. Only the caller has this big echo.

The thirth one also has a problem with calling when calling by the speaker. It’s almost un hearable.

Is this a common problem with S9 plus users with E/os?
Or is it coincedence on all 3 phones?

I’ve installed only 3 S9plus for customers and all 3 having calling problems.

I have 2 S9 pluses. I don’t have any of those problems, or any other ATM :crossed_fingers:

Same for my S9+ (at least 2019 old, may be some more months), no issue of that kind for the moment

I am using my S9+ as my daily driver and have not experienced any issues as you describe either.

I’ve never had a problem like this with my S9+

Franc, it seems to be just you. No one on your thread has the problem, and I haven’t seen these problems mentioned in other threads.

Did you do OTA updates on all 3?

1.15 will be out soon, lets hope it fixes your issues.

Okay, seems it has to be coincedence then.
1 of the 3 phones with the speaker sound issue seems to be quite normal.
I think it has to do with the really sharp voice of the owner…
Or the building in wich she’s calling.

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