S9 Screen Touch Sensitivity low - after update to e/OS 2.1

Hi I just updated my S9 from 1.9 to 2.0, and then to 2.1

I have a screen protector fitted, and the ‘High Touch Sensitivity’ setting ‘on’,

Before the upgrade it was fine, but now I have to press quite heavily.

Anyone have any thoughts that could help ???

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Weird - and now its OK again … is this going to be an intermittet problem …

Same device, same problem here after update to 2.1-s. I have a screen protector too and i changed from a ‘frame glued’ to a ‘full glued’ protection. But that doesnt fixed the problem. Whithout protection everything works fine. The device is nearly unusable with the glass, there are some ‘dead zones’ on the sceen and the ‘touch sensivity option’ doesnt work.
Is there someone who can help me?

To update my issue, it hasn’t returned, so all good so far here.

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The issue partially returned today, but I have very dry hands after a lot of manual work … pondering if that has an influence over sensitivity of the screen.