Safe e/os for children


As a parent i surely search - as many others in this or other community - for a nice and easy way to help my children using technology but also guide them and have them not tracked or let out in the jungle called internet, without a path.

I saw this thread being closed already:

And hence i wanted to check if there is still interest to get this “solved” . the multi user aspect is a start but does not solve the parental task, i feel. The idea from the teracube kids phone sounds good but too little i know so far and without e/os or iode no option for me either.

Hence, maybe there is another way i missed available out there already or maybe it might become a “killer feature” of e/os soon (hopefully) :slight_smile:

Hope to hear more about a “e/os for children” soon :wink:

You might want to correct the spelling in your topic ttile to clarify the purpose: “Safe”, not “Save”.


Thanks. Makes more sense now ahahahah

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