Safetynet and ih8sn

Hi everyone,

I am new to /e/ os on Fairphone 4. I’m pretty happy with it for now, but the only problem i have is that i can’t use my banking app (“Ma Banque” from Crédit Agricole) because it detects my phone as rooted, whitch is not the case (clean /e/ os install, non rooted and bootloader locked). It seems like a lot of users of /e/ os have the same problem.

I found this article on xda talking about ih8sn (github repo here) which could help passing safetynet on non rooted phones with custom rom, which could solve my banking app problem.

Did anyone tried ih8sn? Does it work on /e/ os?
If it works, could someone make some kind of tutorial on how to set it up?

Thanks for your answers.

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didn’t know this one… looks sensible.

First allow adb root in the developer mode. Download the zip from the release section (to the right) in the proper architecture (aarch64 if post~2016) and run one of the push scripts depending on your OS (.sh linux/macos, .ps1 for Win if powershell is installed, or use WSL). It will put everything into place. It will replace the property parsing of Android for specific keys and give back benign values so the common detectors don’t trip.

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