Samsung 8 SM G950F; every now and then.. phone buzzing continuously (to do with messaging..)

Samsung 8 SM G950F;
2nd weird thing (next to my problem about not filling up; ever turning circle…):

Every now and then; like … now :slight_smile: my Gal S8 starts buzzing continuously.

When I unlock it and swipe down from top to bottom, I get to see the latest ‘messages’, and the buzzing stops… For the ‘alarms function’ I have buzzing and ‘trembling’ option activated.
This happens every now and then; for example; phone on the loading adapter; phone starts buzzing / shaking continuously… I have to unlock it, swipe down for the messaging to appear and phone stops buzzing / trembling…
Trembling: haptic feedback phone…
Any clues for this one?

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