Samsung A5 2017 (a5y17lte) MVV App crashes

The MVV App crashes on my Samsung A5 2017. It works on iodé 2.12 on the same device.
/e/ Version:

Iodé Version:

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not on a Samsung A5, but gave this a go on v1.12 FP3 and a Moto G4, on both of which it crashes after the initial app splash. The crash logs are a bit different but the same in spirit.


In both devices there’s an issue instantiating a key in the keystore, it also loads widevine drm libs and doesn’t get the security level it wants (public transport app and widevine you ask? just flutter dependency things). I guess the key it wants to generate are to encrypt the settings store.

So it working on iodé - maybe it ships the drm lib for your samsung, it offers level1 drm and this somehow makes flutters keystore init happy? going out on a limb here.

On the FP3 it outputs a segfault at the app exit that I can find a few times in flutters issue tracker - but I can’t say it crashes because of this, or it’s just an unclean exit after being unhappy about the keystore (FORTIFY: pthread_mutex_lock called on a destroyed mutex is:closed)

I think the fix is buying a Deutschlandticket and use Öffi

Thanks for your research, maybe that’s a hint for a developer. Of course, it would be nice if someone could fix it. I can’t, that’s for sure.

Concerning your “work around”:

The source of my problem is that I bought a Deutschlandticket in the MVV App with with a phone(running iodé) without a SIM card, and wanted to use the ticket on an other phone(running /e/ OS). To see the Deutschlandticket in the MVV App you must be online. I just made a screenshot of the ticket and hope that will be accepted.
The post was intended to inform the developers about the bug, as any fixed bug will increase the acceptance of /e/ OS. I actually wanted to post in issues, but gitlab won’t accept my E-Mail address…

  • Ping manoj for a gitlab account… if I’m not mistaken and the error originated with the keymaster, what it fails on could be build- or device (prop. firmware files-) specific
  • buying the DT through MVV probably doesn’t give you a db order number? Those can be imported into the db nav app - - you could talk to MVV/MDV customer services if they can offer you something: cancellation and reorder through DB
  • talking to the mdv / eos-uptrade app developers could be another option

Working now on A5 2017 (a517lte) with /e/OS Version 1.17-r-20231111351093-dev-a517lte.
Many Thanks to the developers!

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