Samsung a5 2017 (SM-A520F) call and messages not working

to my mind, if re-flashing eos r again (with heimdall installed) does not solve the problems, the best thing to do would now be to keep it as it is and wait for ota update.

I re-installed it with
Android Q e-0.18-q-20210827132307
its running fine but still the same issues with the [Calls and Messaging].
So Im gonna re-install the stock rom from samsung. And try to be more mindful this time.
I’ll also wait for the updates. Thanks a ton!

Update: I tried Samsung Stock Rom from xdaforums, and lineage OS. The Sim is detected but the All of the Mobile networks doesn’t work.

Foreign stock samsung firmware could not use the same bands, but surely don’t content the right APN.

For data mobile connections problems, have a try with dial to *#*#4636#*#*

I tried dialing the numbers, i selected LTE only on the “Set Preferred Network Type” and the mobile data works now! But the Calls and Messaging still doesnt work. And so when I [Select Radio Band] all of the options says “uncessful”.Even the Class 4 (Korea-PCS) and the Automatic.

Roaming: Not Roaming
Data Service: Connected
Data Network Type: LTE
Voice Service: Emergency Calls Only (this is the problem)
Voice Network Type: LTE

reply/ i reached the limit for reply LOL

Uhm the mobile data works now i can access the net. But i cant call and msg.
Where can i see the provider APN settings?

In your first post, you said :

So (mobile data) “LTE only” is the problem !..

Calls needs GSM i presume…
SMS too

MMS may use data, but also UMTS or CDMA and are linked SMS


What about your carrier / provider APN settings ?


hey i’m thinking about something.
are you sure of the model of the phone ?
i had s5 live demo unit (demo shop phone) and that device did not have modem chip installed.
could it be a similar device ?

Oh i messed up its a A520S but /e/ os also supports this model. What are u suggesting here?

i think you should try one of these firmware Download Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520S SKC Korea (SK Telecom) firmware

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and take the time to test call, sms and any other fonctions like sensor, camera etc

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In witch country do you live ?

Because the unic Samsung firmware for this model is korean, if you live in an other country, you may have to do a combination

I’m in S.Korea. Yeah the Stock ROM is working now uhm im having problems with heimdall and install twrp. Even if i install the twrp with Odin it boots to the stock rom samsung recovery.

c’est un truc con, mais pas evident a chopper…


Thank you. I did everything in your post but it still doesn’t work. The Mobile Services still doesn’t work in /e/ OS. I downloaded the stock firmware for A520S. It does work on the Stock Rom. I dont know what’s wrong maybe its the /e/ OS?


Unfortunately still doesnt work.I think I need the SM-A520L. The one that i have rn is Samsung A5 2017 SM-A520S which is for SKT. And the SM-A520L is for LG U+ which is the same SIM I’m using. Idk if it does affect it tho cuz the SM-A520S that I have is already carrier unlocked…

Witch options are proposed to replace the “LTE only”
setting ?

Witch APN are proposed in your internet settings ?

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If 520S & 520L have the same chipset,
You may try by changing CSC on the phone (with the help of TWRP file manager),
then flash the Firmware you want (using heimdal if Odin don’t want to because model number) ?

I am not sure it works (between differents models), but nothing to loose,
Samsung is hard to brick (using combination firmware allow to restore to stock android or reinitialise bootloader to stock version)
if you want to play with…

more safe is to find another phone matching your carrier

in eos, is your imei appears ? if you don’t know yours, is it credible ? (i mean, not a bunch of 0)
to install eos, what did you wipe ?
wait, is that a dual sim model ?

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