Samsung A7 2018 - 'a7y18lte'

Need e/OS availability for Samsung Galaxy A7 2018.

What about “search before post” ?

In order for people to help you it would be good the confirm and include the device codename in your thread title. You might use one of the suggestions here [HOWTO] Find device codename.

Good luck

…a wizard form submission may be better.

Best is to search XDA Forums first. Enter your device name in the search box. In the results list, look for a forum containing the text “ROMs” - in this case Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries

In that forum, look for thread mentioning an official or unofficial Lineage OS build. If there is no Lineage OS ROM for your device, then there won’t be an /e/OS build for it. In that case your only option will be to use an /e/ GSI, if your device supports that.

Submitting a “wizard form” wont change that, or make an /e/OS magically happen :slight_smile:

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… and you will need to find (from the same source) a Recovery like TWRP or another, for your named device, in order to flash the GSI.

Of course no, but would prevent duplicate build request and (could) force requesters to post everything needed to build (device, kernel and vendor trees).

What if I told you that I did search it but nothing appeared in search? So its my fault because it didn’t appeared when I searched?:man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Lineage os doesn’t support galaxy A7 2018 I searched for it long long ago you might be able to find a port but its not the official one, probably around 2019 or 2020 and it seems no one’s planning to make even a single custom rom for it, and for GSI needing twrp then I already have that on my phone(not installed) long long ago, because I’m still recieving security patch from samsung that’s why I’m not modifying my phone for now, I’m just preparing for future modification that I’ll make.