Samsung devices

Could you explain the reasons why Samsung was the brand elected to be smartphones with /e/ pre-installed on it ?
How can you be 1 hundred percent sure that Samsung phone are not already compromised from the “Hardware” point of view ?

Please can you point at any reliable sources which mention that Samsung phones are ‘compromised’ from the hardware point as you mention.
There was no specific reason for choosing Samsung other than it is the most widely sold smartphones across nations with a good after sales support network. We would continue to adopt and sell more refurbished handsets provided they are available in numbers and are of a high quality. At the same time discussions with manufacturers to produce /e/ mobiles is also on.

Thank you for getting back to me.
I was thinking about Carrier IQ for instance.
Which I’m not quite sure it is hardware implemented but my point is to say that we decide to trust a company that -as weel as google- is not especially a standard in terms of security.
I perfectly understand that they are widely used though.
Personnaly I’d rather wait for the /e/ mobile production.
Do you have any idea about the date of an official release ?

We hope to come out with the /e/ mobile by end of this year.

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thank you for your quick return.

There was talk of possible support of Librem 5. This device is not for everyone, but it is most suitable for hardcore privacy enthusiasts.

I’m surprised that the S7 and S9 are still in Android Nougat (LineageOS 15). I hope they will be upgraded with Oreo before you deliver the first refurbished phones.