Samsung different model numbers installing /e/

For a given type of samsung, there are several different model numbers.
For example : Samsung Galaxy S9+ - “star2lte”

Device informations

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: Galaxy S9+
  • Code: star2lte

Supported models

  • SM-G965F
  • SM-G965F/DS
  • SM-G965N

For a given type I have found that there are much more models than what are supported. Is there a reason for this? Perhaps you have not had samples of every model? So I am wondering what the likelihood of being able to install /e/ on a model that is the same type of phone but not listed in the list.

Hi @Don, one reason is that vendors in this case release model specific to particular regions. A model available in Asia would not be available in Europe and multiple models in one particular market with support for area specific networks.
If your device is not on the supported list Please do not force install another ROM on it. It can brick your phone. At best the behavior will be erratic …i know because I tried to flash a moto condor build on a moto otus :frowning:
You can get your device codename by running this command from a adb enabled PC

adb shell getprop ro.product.device

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In Samsung’s case for example the models /e/ support are generally the euro/international models with exynos chip whereas north america handsets would come with a snapdragon chip hence why rom wouldn’t be compatible.

Thanks for the info. I live in the US, that is why I did not find any/many models that were on the list.

Is there a guide that tells how to make a phone work with /e/?
What parts of the code need changing?

I have read that some snapdragon chips have security flaws with their wifi which would enable someone to access your phone.