Samsung Epic 4G

2010 Samsung Epic 4G - epicmtd

These are the specs of the phone from GSMArena:

All supported Android versions:


Please add details like on what other ROM is it currently running:

Domination Build 1 June 18, 2013 on Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Out of support

urls on XDA or other forums where the device custom ROM’s are available

This link is where I found the Domination Build 1 ROM + Domination Gapps at:!APVxA5vD4zFZpmw&id=B5743CD6E033148B!572&cid=B5743CD6E033148B

I found my current ROM (Domination) with the help of Bill720 A.K.A. Browningate, an XDA staff member and forum moderator.

The phone is capable of running Clockwork

This XDA Forum is where I’m able to find Custom Android ROMs from 4.3.X.–4.4.X

Samsung Epic 4G (“Samsung Epic 4G XDA Forums” on a Google Search should bring you the top answer as a result.)

Only known problem with my current phone setup is that sometimes important apps (like the launcher) would stop working properly for no apparent reason and only ROM reinstalls are known to fix it.

With this submission, I’m looking forward to maybe seeing some more use out of this phone along with anybody else who might still own one of these by bringing e/OS and its ecosystem to the device. Thank you.

I had a look at

This device is only supported up to CM11 / Android 4.X. To be able to make an /e/OS version one need at least CM14 / Android 7 to make a nougat build.

Aw man, I’m really at my wit’s end.

Thanks anyways. Are there any online spaces where I can request a device for an active OS?

I suppose the XDA Forum is the best place to ask

Keep forgetting to mention but I’ve already searched high and low on the XDA forums before coming here.

Options don’t look too good here.