Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) a3xeltexx - WiFi Boot Loop

Hi, I’m a LOS user looking to move over to /e/. I have an OP3T x2, OP5, OP6T, Sumsung A3 x2. My main phone, a 3T runs /e/ and TWRP 3.4 no problem and I love it (although I use Launcher because I miss having minimal Apps on the desktop).

I ran into TWRP 3.4 problems with the A3’s failing to install either LOS or /e/. A member of e support in the Telegram group told me to use TWRP 3.2.1 and I can now install both LOS and /e/.

However, every published version of /e/ from 8 to 12 (I have tested all of them) work fine right up until 5 seconds after I connect to wifi, and then the phone boot loops, crashing approximately 5 seconds after fully booted.

If you don’t connect to wifi during setup, but do after, and if you are very nimble, you can swipe up, swipe down, hold wifi and switch it off before the phone reboots. If you reconnect, the phone will boot loop again.

Also, I have no idea if this could be related but my A3’s make Android File Transfer hang. All other phones work fine.

I would love to be able to use /e/ on my A3’s. I’m willing to put the time into trying just about anything. I use Heimdall on Mac. I also have the use of a Win 10 PC and Linux too.

So all suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance if you have any.


I would prefer to install original Samsung A3 stock firmware to refresh you modem sources. Than I would test, if the WiFi / reboot is solved. If yes, flash eOS, if not, your device does have on hardware issue


to solve the issue you have to use the official test build on pie (instead of oreo) for a3xelte available here.

FYI, I did attempt to do this but only found two UK OTAs that were free to download and both failed to install via Odin. The Pie /e/ test build worked on both my A3s. But thank you. I thought it was a good suggestion.

Very happy! Thank you so much. I’d like to send you $20 as a token of my appreciation. It is just a token. It should be more. I hope to provide more serious support to the project next year though.

Send me a link to a payment page or an Ethereum address. I’m not sure of protocol but either reply here if you prefer briar://ab5fvhlt5fm5jtpsvhyqqbp6vk7gehextmyuy5ab4efld2lr2ygey

Hi @mikefreeman, just thought this might be a useful bit of information concerning the test build for the a3xeltexx ROM on the Galaxy A3. I installed it on my wife’s phone in August - not without a few problems, related here. But the phone works fine now, except for a few minor issues. I did however manage to test the OTA and it worked but the last update was only dated August 13 and there have been none since.
My question for the developers is whether this will be the last before an official update to the “dev” version which would mean that the Pie test version would replace the current Oreo. It would be nice to know if this could be via OTA or a manual re-flash.

Thank you very much for your offer, but I just gave you a link, not sure it worth a 20$ donation.

But you could give them directly to the eFoundation in order to keep the project alive.

Thank you ! :slight_smile: