Samsung - Galaxy A3 (2016 Exynos) - a3xelte - Documentation Suggestions

Please add your suggestions to improve the documentation for the Samsung - Galaxy A3 (2016 Exynos) - a3xelte here …

Hey guys I’ll probably post up on the forum tomorrow but as a lay person it’s tough to understand the technical expanation of this installation I wish it were easier to understand how to do this process to get started quicker and easier.

For example

“Samsung devices come with a unique boot mode called “Download mode”, which is very similar to “Fastboot mode” on some devices with unlocked bootloaders. Heimdall is a cross-platform, open-source tool for interfacing with Download mode on Samsung devices. The preferred method of installing a custom recovery is through this boot mode – rooting the stock firmware is neither necessary nor required.”


“We will be using an app called Heimdall to interface with Samsung’s unique boot mode called “Download mode” to make our installation. Here’s how to install Heimdall and flash /e/OS”

Also, there are so many options for different TWRP, which I’m not sure what it is… but anyways couldn’t there by just the main one and then provide a troubleshooting section for the others? This kind of overly technical jardon (for me, personally) is making the process a little harder to understand that it needs to be, perhaps. Anyways, I’ll keep going through it and get it done!! :slight_smile:

As an example of that TWRP issue. (Still don’t know what one is)… You said I need to download one. So I guess as an average user I have to spin the wheel of fortune for any one of these 10 different layers and nuances options.

“TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (Exynos)”

Play Store (recommended)

No Play Store? Download the latest version here.

Primary (Americas)

Primary (Europe)



md5 for twrp-3.5.0_9-0-a3xelte.img.tar

sha256 for twrp-3.5.0_9-0-a3xelte.img.tar

Download twrp-3.5.0_9-0-a3xelte.img.tar

Download PGP Signature twrp-3.5.0_9-0-a3xelte.img.tar.asc

My Point is just to suggest a little more simplicity. Before the beta install is available for all (or for this model), perhaps the installation can be simplified? It would help people get into your ecosystem and boost adoption rates and generate more users for you, I’m sure! :slight_smile:

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