Samsung Galaxy A40 / SM-A405FD / A405FD / SM-A405FN / A405FN

I wont to have an /e/ version for the galaxy A40


I see that the send in service is not active yet, whereby you guys would perform the flashing of your rom.
I think this is a great project and I am heavily concerned, to not say shocked at all the data that is being sent from my phone to other companies including Samsung.
Here is a dumb question; I read in the FAQ that one can customize the rom on its own. I am also reading the following. I am checking for ways on deinstalling all of the stuff the comes preintalled. I managed only to deactivate a few applications, whereas, some of the application I simply cannot remove such as samung pay and all of that stuff. I found here a page;

Do you guys have a list of packages that you would recommend for me to deactivate?
Also on updates, as by the FAQ; Do you guys plan to implement Android Q across all phones, as in do you plan to keep the OS Alive with time or is here nothing expected?
Many thank

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Hello everyone, I also have a Samsung Galaxy A40 and wish I could install this great solution. What are the risks to install /e/ on an unsupported phone?


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I love the Idea that the EFoundation promotes, and would love to have /e/ installed on my Samsung A40. So please make a version of /e/ available for this model as fast as possible
Greetings Carl

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The Galaxy A40 really is a great smartphone, it is recent (2019), very affordable (especially comparing with others) and has good performances. Its ratio quality/price appears to be unmatched for now.

The /e/ ecosystem would greatly benefit from supporting such an interesting smartphone that is at the same time recent, cheap and performing well. I would personnally be delighted to be able to replace the spying OS of my Galaxy A40 with the really promising OS and awesome project that is /e/ !

Thank you all for you great work and thanks in advance for your consideration!


Hi there!
I agree… Galaxy A40 is a very good phone, flashing /e/ on it would be great !
Thanks in advance

I also have a Galaxy A40 and would love to have /e/ on it!

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Same here! I’d like to keep my Galaxy A40, but would like to run /e/ on it :slight_smile:
So fed up with Google…

I also have a Samsung A40 and want /e/ on it!

Lineage OS (16, 17.1, 18) has an unoffical version for Galaxy A40
I can’t confirm that it works.

I can only put 2 links in the post but there is a 18 one too.

Would loove the a40 to be supported too <3

Another voice here for the support of the Galaxy A40 !

I’ve just bought an A40 to replace my old Iphone SE, in the hope of getting rid of Google. Launching Android without the /e/ version is tough because everything is Google! A /e/ version for A40 please!!!

There’s an unified kernel for Exynos7885 (2019) chipset that currently supports A10, A20, A20e, A30, A30s and A40

This for A10/A10e/A20/A20e/A30/A30s/A40/M10s/M20/M30/Tab A 8.0:

Other (re)sources:

Last but not least, don’t forget XDA community:

Hope that helps/inspires !

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I have friends working on this device , I will ask them to make a build for the community , but i cannot promise anything ok …

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TWRP : :

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Thanks a lot! I was able to install it on my A40 and it’s great. Only thing is that I need safetynet compliance for a few apps I use. If I get it right, it’s just through Magisk, right? How can I install e/OS and both Magisk and TWRP on a A40? in what sequence? Thanks

oh cool. This was one of my the builds I was not able to do build myself :slight_smile:

There are to ways, magisk is one, but also see this post