Samsung Galaxy A40 / SM-A405FD / A405FD / SM-A405FN / A405FN

There’s an unified kernel for Exynos7885 (2019) chipset that currently supports A10, A20, A20e, A30, A30s and A40

This for A10/A10e/A20/A20e/A30/A30s/A40/M10s/M20/M30/Tab A 8.0:

Other (re)sources:

Last but not least, don’t forget XDA community:

Hope that helps/inspires !

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I have friends working on this device , I will ask them to make a build for the community , but i cannot promise anything ok …

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TWRP : :

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Thanks a lot! I was able to install it on my A40 and it’s great. Only thing is that I need safetynet compliance for a few apps I use. If I get it right, it’s just through Magisk, right? How can I install e/OS and both Magisk and TWRP on a A40? in what sequence? Thanks

oh cool. This was one of my the builds I was not able to do build myself :slight_smile:

There are to ways, magisk is one, but also see this post


Hi, I did as suggested in the post you linked. Before (unmodified e/OS on SM-A405FN) Root Beer Sample red flagged Test Keys and Dangerous Props. After modifying the build.prop Root Beer gave a green flag to Dangerous Props but still a red one to Test Keys, and the system appears as rooted. My Banking App (CGD, Portugal) still declares the phone as rooted and refuses to work. I guess I’ll have to go with Magisk, but I’m not sure how to install it on a Galaxy A40 with e/OS, as simply flashing it from recovery is deprecated (no Ramdisk) but I don’t know exactly which file should be patched with Magisk before flashing it to recovery with Odin. Any help is welcome!

As i have understood, you now need to modify the recovery.img (TWRP or recovery-e) using the install feature in the magisk app, and then flash it using fastboot command TWRP (on the device) or Windows Odin or Linux Odin, Thor, Heimdall (from the PC)

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The recovery.img file from the e/OS zip, ok. I’ll do that and report back, wish me luck. Thank you again for your help.

Note! Samsung Galaxy does not understand all classic fastboot commands.

:new: for Odin 3 / Windows : recovery.tar.md5
generated from file e-recovery (recovery.img ~


To make a long story short, I gave up on having a fully working Magisk along with TWRP and e/OS on the A40 and ended up going back to the build.prop approach suggested in an earlier post. After editing “ro.debuggable=0” and “”, Root Beer still showed a red flag for “test-keys” and my banking app refused to work. Then, as suggested on this 10 years old thread, I substituted all instances of “test-keys” with “release-keys” in the build.prop file, following the same process. Et voilà, now Root Beer gives all green flags and my banking app works! Seemed too easy to be true, but it worked. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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Just to say thank you for : e/os, the good tutorial made for samsung and the built of twrp & e/os ! i could manage to install it for the second time and my 12yo daughter can be proud to use it on her “new” reconditioned A40 !

Just a tip for launching twrp after flashing with odin, i had to flash vbmeta also as presented in


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I made an unofficial build for /e/OS-T for the A40. Might worth a try (but might also not even boot)…


Ron 14 was also released by Eureka team for this series , :slight_smile: see when you find time - e-U builds are very welcome in e World :smiley:

Will take some month until A14 (/e/OS-U) will be available.
Anyone tried to install my unofficial builds and can provide feedback?

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I Do I downloaded a bunch of your roms for J3 J5 S8 Tab T820 , you support many of my devices I also have the Grand you have them all ,…great work bro!!!

Thanks. Any feedback…what does work?
Looking forward for your great youtube videos for one of the devices :slight_smile:

Will do Ronz i have some spare time after making the news today .

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Thanks for this build. I assume that if i want to upgrade my daughter’s phone i need to put the iso file on the sd, boot on warp and install ? So i guess it will remove all her apps & personalization. Can you confirm there is no other way to update ?

I depends. If you are coming from stock ROM you need to perform a clean install and loose all of your data.
If you update to a newer /e/OS version of the same Andorid version then dirty install should be ok. If you upgrade eg from /e/OS-Q to /e/OS-R it might work or not with an dirty install