Samsung Galaxy a40

New user of /e/ here and I want to try the OS but my device is not listed in the supported device list. I was wondering how long it woulc probably take to make this happen.
Thank you

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Bonjour, +1 pour avoir le Samsung Galaxy A40 dans la liste des téléphones compatibles. Merci d’avance.
Hello, +1 to add the A40 Samsung phone in the compatibility list. Thanks a lot.

The A40 would be a fitting device for /e/, because similar small devices are unlikely to be made. It is the least huge device of the newer generations. You can almost reach across it with your finger. To get a device this compact you have to go back to much older, uglier models, with slower GPS. This is sleek and functional. It has a large screen to body ratio and a fingerprint sensor that actually works.