Samsung galaxy a7

i would like software from e os for samsung galaxy a7 can you look for me a.u.b.

There are Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 (Exynos) (a7xelte) and Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 (a7y17lte) which one is yours? Galaxy A7 (2017) has official LineageOS support.

samsung A7 2018 model I have.

I have a Samsung A7 2018 (a7y18lte), I tried to install the version for a7y17lte with TWRP but it directly detects the difference in version and refuses to install it.

Is it supposed to work or does it require a clean version for the a7y18lte?

thank you


Do not install something not made for your device.

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All right, so the answer of Unkown (oct '19) is not appropriate.

It will be great to make an /e/ version for Samsung A7 2018 (a7y18lte) :slight_smile:

Thank you

I would like to have a version of /e/ for Samsung A7 2018 (a7y18lte)
It seems the device is supported by Project Treble … that means it is possible to load a GSI ROM image…
Then my queries:

  1. where can I found a GSI ROM for A7 2018?
  2. can I use an A7 phone with GSI ROM but without Google Apps & services?
  3. is there a way to adapt the /e/ or LineagesOS for this model? what is missing to have it on /e/ device compliant?

Thanks in advance


e.GSI already exists, Pie and (testing) Q, look at GSI section in Devices

I will install in a few days on A3 2017 and will share in a dedicated thread…


  1. is it here?
  2. It will be run similar to standard /eOS/ interface with Apps and MicroG?

thanks, I’ll follow it :smiley:

Yes, e-GSI-pie (you’d linked above) is same than ‘normal’ /e/-pie.

@harvey186 runs (A-only, same as A72018, my A3 2017 is A/B) and builds GSI, stock and ‘light’…

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hi @trefix
I have a very basic issue with my A7 2018…
I cannot find a twrp recovery img to start flashing its rom…
Is there a solution for A7 2018? any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:


I don’t know well this device… From twrp page, it seems there’s no specific twrp package. Perhaps have a look on xda for an unofficial recovery…

I’m a programmer and I could & would like to help in building a custom twrp, if someone would point me in the right direction…
I noticed that there are two repos…

  1. (A705 -> Galaxy A70)

It seems I would need some tips to start get involved :smiley:


You can open our meta search engine
« »
and tip « XDA build TWRP »

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Did you tired and does it work now how is your phone responding

This device (A7 2018) seems to be treble compatible with « GSI arm64 a »

For the Samsung A7 2018 (updated to Android 10), there is no TWRP available. So installing ‘e Android GSI’ is no option. Did someone found a way for installing e foundation for this device?