Samsung galaxy a7

i would like software from e os for samsung galaxy a7 can you look for me a.u.b.

There are Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 (Exynos) (a7xelte) and Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 (a7y17lte) which one is yours? Galaxy A7 (2017) has official LineageOS support.

samsung A7 2018 model I have.

I have a Samsung A7 2018 (a7y18lte), I tried to install the version for a7y17lte with TWRP but it directly detects the difference in version and refuses to install it.

Is it supposed to work or does it require a clean version for the a7y18lte?

thank you


Do not install something not made for your device.

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All right, so the answer of Unkown (oct '19) is not appropriate.

It will be great to make an /e/ version for Samsung A7 2018 (a7y18lte) :slight_smile:

Thank you