Samsung Galaxy A72 and A52

There are official LineageOs 19.1 support for these devices. Will it possible to have a official e/os support.

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Looks like there are already /e/OS builds available

They’re not listed on the /e/OS Devices page, but I iamgine they can be installed by following the LOS documentatiosn

Have fun!


Thank you so much. I cannot understand why they are not listed on devices page.

Hi there!

Any comments on the installation and use on a A52?
(I’m very interested on installing eOS on mine :wink:)

Thank you in advance for your replies,


Hi, I haven’t installed on a52. I am not planning to install but If I install I will notify you.

Perhaps on a A72? Anyway thanks for your feedback!

You should be able to install by following the LineageOS documentation I linked above. (LOS docs are usually more accurate then /e/OS docs anyway :slight_smile: )

Ok, i’m curious about it, thank you :wink: