Samsung Galaxy Buds+ not working with my e phone

I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Buds+ to my degoogled Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. The Earbuds connected through bluetooth without problem and work nicely for listening to videos/music. However when making calls to people it seems as tho the mic isnt working properly. The volume is really low and it isnt picking up all the words i say, rendering them almost useless for making calls as the recipients cant hear me properly.

I tried downloading the app “Galaxy Buds+ Manager” that is supposed to give you more options regarding the earbuds. I also downloaded the app neccessary to run “Galaxy Buds+ Manager” called “Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)” and when trying to run it i get a pop-up message saying: “The operative system on the phone has been changed in an unathorized way and is not compatible with the Samsung Gear app. Check the operative system and try again.”

I also tried to connect the Galaxy buds to another samsung phone (not degoogled this time) and the app was installed automatically without problem. There was no problem with the mic this time which isolated the problem to my ‘e’ phone.

Has anyone else experienced problem with in-ears because of e?
Is there any way to fix my issues?