Samsung Galaxy builds for unsupported devices suggestions

Have you looked into, what he does?
To somehow merge his efforts and commitment with /e would be great and maybe keep quite a few devices running.

Yes thank you !

Found it, right!?

yes. Also here in the how-to section

@ronnz98, could you try to build /e/OS ‘R’ or ‘S’ for Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo “s5neolte”?

did a build, please refer to


if you want to try I made a new build with /e/OS-Q1.15

@ronnz98, can you please try to build a ROM /e/OS ‘S’ or 'T for the LG G5 ‘h850’ …

Please see also: What’s up with /e/OS-R + LG G5 H850?

The current LineageOS-20.0 nightly-h850-signed comes from the 20230917

@ronnz98 that is fantastic, i will download the new build and give it a try in the next few days if i get time between work or at the weekend. And let you know how it goes

Since LG G5 H850 is official supported by LOS it was not difficult to build for S:

Sources are here:

For T I had errors and could not build

@ronnz98, you are so great :exclamation: Thank you so much for your dedication.

Do you fancy another non-Samsung device?

Long-defunct member @steadfasterX built the last official /e/OS e-0.23-p-20220328174109-dev-h815 for the LG G4 (h815).

On his private download server you can find LineagOS and /e/OS builds for the ‘h815’. His latest ROM to date, e-1.8.1-r-20230214-CUSTOM-h815 from 2023-Feb-14, contains the Google Play store - hence CUSTOM.

@ronnz98, should I look for the code sources?

Hi @ronnz98 i have tried installing your latest build and unfortunately it also stuck on the samsung logo screen. I tried with an advaced wipe, then a format device, i even installed an old e-n version and then dirty flashed the new build but everytime stuck on the samsung logo. How long would you give it to boot?

I’ll have a look :slight_smile: I think I have the h815 vendor data now anyway.

I got a lot of errors during build for LG G4 H815 unfortunately…

ok then I think it wont work. I will try to build with R, but got errors previously-let see.

I appreciate your efforts in working on a new build for the sm-t700. I am assuming you havent heard from any other sm-t700 users.

Now I could make an R build using the same sources for SM-T700 (klimtwifi)

Maybe worth a try?

Awesome, i will give this r build a go later today.

I tried using the klimtwifi R build but this time stuck on the e log in screen, left it for 5min after a full format. Appreciate all your time and effort, atleast it got further than the Q build :slight_smile: