Samsung galaxy core prime - sm-g361f

Hello everybody,
i search some OS like /e/ for a long time ago !

but my phone isn’t in the list ; someone has installed on Galaxy Core Prime


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I want this too, it would be great to have it with /e/OS!

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I am also interested

I would be interested too :slight_smile:

Dunno if any of you are still interested in this device, but we suggest to try involve maintainers by opening “issues” like this in their repos:

It would be also useful to edit this build request in a more “standard” format:

I am interested too :star_struck:
Is there any maintainer(s) for the device sm-g361f ?

I think we are talking about Samsung, Galaxy Core Prime coreprimevelte SM-G361F

You might check out, or share links with a closer match.

I did not find an official Lineage device tree at

A part answer to this question would be locating someone, perhaps from the first link, who had successfully built LineageOS and maintained that for a while.

The core prime ve group seems to comprise

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, coreprimeve3g, SM-G361H
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, coreprimeve3g, SM-G361HU
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, coreprimevelte, SM-G361F
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, coreprimevelte, SM-G361M

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Thank you @aibd :+1:
I found maybe someone with technical bg can take the lead on the discussion to inpire remilia15 Senior Member ?

Some - maybe - useful (re)sources:

Hope that helps.

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I would be interested, too.

I found the official Android ROMs here: and (for France) here:

I also found an unofficial version of TWRP bootloader for this device: , but did not even test it, as there does not seem to be any alternative ROM for this device. No LineageOS or /e/OS, in particular.

This ROM is for a slightly different model: SM-G360H or SM-G360HU. So it’s probably not safe to try to install it on SM-G631F