[Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500FN] Various bug reports

been using /e/ for a month now. First, and still accurate, feedback: thanks, it’s really a nice OS to use, I was so glad to finally find something that gives me the choice of my OS on my phone. One day, I hope, it will be as easy on phones as on personal computers.

Bugs I’ve met so far:

  • MMS reception: well, no MMS at all with my carrier (Sosh/Orange, France). I had to manually add an APN (thanks to a post on this forum), and it kiiiiind of work, even like that it seems I can’t receive every MMS or even sometimes SMS! For now it’s from people using iPhones and/or Free provider. I still have not enough stats about that.
  • Airplane mode: when I spend one night with airplane mode on, mail sync is deactivated once airplane mode is turned off, the only solution is to reboot the phone. More lately, after one night with airplane mode on, the phone reboots itself once airplane mode is turned off, but not really: it only shows the /e/ startup logo then doesn’t ask for my SIM pincode. Strange behaviour.
  • Calendar: the topbar has a strange transparent white overlay, making it hard to read.
  • Apps updates through /e/ App Store: once updated, my apps totally lose their files and settings. My favorites buses are all wiped out on “Star l’appli” and all my downloaded music files cannot be found anymore on Deezer. I have to re-do the settings and downloads.
  • Mail: each received mail provides a double notification sound. If I receive 4 mails straight, my phone will “beep-boop” 8 times. Not a big deal but kind of pissing me off :smiley:

That’s all I could think about.
Again, thanks for that massive work, and big hopes for bigger developments of /e/ os :slight_smile:

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To report a bug (1 by 1), it’s here https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/new
Otherwise they won’t be taken in consideration.