Samsung Galaxy J6 SM-J600FN

Requesting device build for
Samsung Galaxy J6 SM-J600FN

Thank you.

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Since it’s an Exynos7870-based device, you have to ask here:

There’s also a Telegram channel for:

Last but not least, as always XDA may help:

I also would really like support for this phone.

I also would like support for it

I would love it too, the Samsung ROM is so bloated.

Any news/updates for this Samsung model?

Honestly, I think this phone is not that common and will never be supported.

Who of you guys is willing to test this unofficial build for the J600FN (j6lte) (Q).
@ctqe7NTU @ahmetcgl @trallallero
If you do so, please back-up your device. This is an untested build.

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I am willing to do it but I could not find the appropriate TWRP. Can I use any other model version?

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I think you should use this one…

This one is even better…

I am afraid none of the dual sims work, so no standard message service, nor cam!

I also cannot connect my account. As I said my gsm network does not work but I have wifi but still I cannot add my account. Without gsm functioanlity, I think I cannot use this phone anyway.

Thanks for the ROM @itsclarence, and thanks you @ahmetcgl for testing it out.
Is there any way to fix these bugs?

Would be great if this was fully working.

I am also interested in releasing my phone (Samsung J6 SM-J600FN/DS - Exynos7870), with /e/OS.
Thanks to the developers.