Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Hi there

i would like to state I will be able to test on this device if anyone would lile to start porting

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Devs for some reason don’t seem interested maintaining the Galaxy Note series. Let’s keep pushing though, things might change.

Samsung could not name the phone differently but its a request for the phone :slight_smile:

So I see support for the sm-n976b but is it possible to get support for the sm-n976v? or will the same build work for both? I don’t understand the difference.

Seems that a (competitor) iodéOS official build is available…

…so an \e\ build is achievable.

We are offered no exact Model for this suggested device nor a devicecode.

The above link seems built for a

Here’s another (unofficial) LOS-based distro for “all d varients”:

/e/OS already support
Galaxy Note 10 codename “d1”,
Galaxy Note 10+ codename “d2s”
Galaxy Note 10+ 5g codename “d2x”
SM-N976F the 5g international model (Samsung exynos processor)
SM-N976B the 5g korean model (Samsung exynos processor)


BUT @JDKingston, your are talking about SM-N976V, a 5g special verizon model.
like others Samsung U.S.only models (Qualcom snapdragon processor), it have an unlockable bootloader :
So, no chance with any custom OS

If you live in the USA, search this forum for a VoLTE working phone.
If you live somewhereelse in the world, resell this S***t !

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it makes the impression that this community is not active

What do you mean ?
this topic is about requesting a port of /e/OS for a device already supported, what are you waiting for here ?

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Hi piero, sorry, it makes the impression that there is a release, but i do not see two mandatory device specific features documented and i cannot find out which version of android is supported:

  • pen (its own feature)
  • dex (secondary screen via HDMI)

could you please tell me how much these two features work on Android 12

I ask because

  • S (dev)

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that all the device specific information on this page is 100 % up to date or accurate. Read more.

Hi @ant0nwax, I am sorry to say that your post reads somewhat hypothetical to me. Let’s start from your opening post. I do not seem to see what exact model you have available for testing. This is the “About” post for #e-devices:request-a-device

Here we are asked to provide the device codename for a suggested model. Here follows the HOWTO (it is worth reading the whole thread so that you learn the easiest way for you to find this).

To check for supported devices please use

The closest device to your description is the ‘d1’, install guide here

You now ask about specific Features, the pen and dex. The Search feature of the forum may be your friend here.

Regarding testing, you might like to check out Testing @Murena

Good luck

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Hi aibd

Thank your valuable reply.
I posted some 4 questions to raise the noise about Dex and SPen again, lets see what comes as reply.
I have a last question.
If I replace the stock Note 10 Rom, will my Bank still work? Did eOS get some certification? Will I break Knox? this is my only concern and then I would just join the efoundation more seriously
until now i have only a S4Mini running Android 7 which i really appreciated, this year is the year when I leave google :slight_smile:

PS just an add on - In my country we MUST use Smart device for online banking, there is not an option to me, the only option is dum phone and sms, but it makes it much more complex and slow.

There is this thread in the forum, may include your bank [LIST] Banking Apps on /e/OS

You might try

What will happen when you install any custom ROM on a Samsung is that WARRANTY VOID, expected to be seen on the ODIN mode screen, will change from 0 to 1. (Unknown to me but some of the newest generation of Samsung devices feature an Odin mode screen with less information than the original.)

Say after /e/OS install, you decide to revert to a stock ROM it should work fine, but the WARRANTY VOID would remain as 1.

More generally, loosely speaking, Knox is about Remote Monitoring – one would hope that Remote Monitoring would halt after /e/OS install but I am not certain the exact status of Knox after a custom ROM install.

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