Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Hi there

i would like to state I will be able to test on this device if anyone would lile to start porting

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Devs for some reason don’t seem interested maintaining the Galaxy Note series. Let’s keep pushing though, things might change.

Samsung could not name the phone differently but its a request for the phone :slight_smile:

So I see support for the sm-n976b but is it possible to get support for the sm-n976v? or will the same build work for both? I don’t understand the difference.

Seems that a (competitor) iodéOS official build is available…

…so an \e\ build is achievable.

We are offered no exact Model for this suggested device nor a devicecode.

The above link seems built for a

Here’s another (unofficial) LOS-based distro for “all d varients”:

/e/OS already support
Galaxy Note 10 codename “d1”,
Galaxy Note 10+ codename “d2s”
Galaxy Note 10+ 5g codename “d2x”
SM-N976F the 5g international model (Samsung exynos processor)
SM-N976B the 5g korean model (Samsung exynos processor)


BUT @JDKingston, your are talking about SM-N976V, a 5g special verizon model.
like others Samsung U.S.only models (Qualcom snapdragon processor), it have an unlockable bootloader :
So, no chance with any custom OS

If you live in the USA, search this forum for a VoLTE working phone.
If you live somewhereelse in the world, resell this S***t !